Welcoming Hong Kong to the Fairtrade Family

16 July 2012

Last week, Fairtrade International celebrated the signing on of its latest member organization, the Fairtrade Hong Kong Foundation. While Fairtrade International has been working closely with Hong Kong for two years, the official signing was the final step in the process of establishing Hong Kong as a Fairtrade Marketing Organization.

“We have been working toward official cooperation for a long time – it’s a great opportunity for us to expand in Hong Kong and improve the lives of small farmers around the world,” said Daphne Ip Tsz Ying of Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation (FTHK).

Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation (www.fairtradehk.org) has been promoting the Fair Trade ideals in Hong Kong since their beginning in 2008. Their annual Fair Trade Fortnight has grown in popularity each year. Much of the work has been done in close cooperation with Oxfam Hong Kong. The group also works with corporations, non-profit organizations, schools and other groups to raise awareness and drive consumer demand for Fairtrade products.

Although Hong Kong is a relatively new market as far as labelling schemes are concerned, ethical consumerism is on the rise and expectations are high. The tendency also shows that the business climate in Hong Kong is increasingly in favour of a focus on corporate social responsibility.   

“This is a really exciting step for us,” says Martin Hill, Director of Global Account Management at Fairtrade International. “Hong Kong has a huge potential for future expansion and we are proud to have such dedicated partners on board.”

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