Textile Projects Look for Fairtrade Way Forward

Update on the Fairtrade textiles project working to build better livelihoods for textile workers

Photos from a meeting on textiles in Coimbatore,
India. Topics included workers' empowerment
models, labour issues in the area and the
role of trade unions.

25 July 2011

Activities are in full swing across the world for Fairtrade’s textiles project. Fairtrade International is working with important players in textiles, labour rights and the Fairtrade system to find out which tools and standards could help textile workers have a better income, more security at work, and more choice in their lives. 

Read our report on the latest advances in each of the five pilot projects underway. In the coming months, we will study the outcomes of the pilots and make a decision on the way forward for Fairtrade in textiles.

Update on the Fairtrade Textiles Project (PDF)


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