Co-op speaks on best interests of the child at global conference

Emmanuel K. Arthur of Kuapa Kokoo
Union in Ghana

25 August 2011



Young lawyers at a global conference in Amsterdam will learn firsthand about best practices for protecting children from exploitative labour from a Fairtrade cooperative, Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Union of Ghana.

Emmanuel K. Arthur, executive director of the Fairtrade certified cocoa cooperative Kuapa Kokoo, will speak to lawyers at the 49th Annual Congress of the International Association of Young Lawyers, the only global association of young lawyers, in Amsterdam this week.

He will use the example of work by Kuapa Kokoo to discuss how Fairtrade addresses the issues of child labour and child rights regarding work, and highlight how Fairtrade requirements are implemented on the ground.

Kuapa Kokoo is collaborating with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to set up Community Child Protection Committees (CCPCs), which strengthen cocoa-farming community’s ability to identify and protect children from hazardous work. Kuapa now has CCPCs in 38 communities.

Emmanuel will speak on the panel “Working Children – How to Secure the Best Interest of Children’s Basic Rights and their Guardianship” with representatives from World of Industry and Kids Rights Foundation.

Fairtrade International is committed to fighting the root causes of child labour and proactively preventing abuse and exploitation of children. Read about the Fairtrade International partnership with Plan Canada and an overview of our work on child labour.


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