FLO Invites Expertise on Revamp of Fairtrade Standards

15 junio 2010

Today, FLO starts consultations for its year long project to craft Fairtrade Standards to bring deeper impact for producers.

Designing a New Standards Framework (NSF) is part of FLO’s overall strategy to strengthen, broaden and deepen Fairtrade’s impact by ensuring our activities best meet the needs of Fairtrade farmers, workers and traders. The reorganization will be built on the current standards model but it aims to help strengthen producers’ social organization and self determination; reinforcing the unique features of the Fairtrade standards and building the basis to create an even more effective Fairtrade system.

In taking the Fairtrade Global Strategy forward, FLO has set forth an action plan to reshape Fairtrade standards. The project was launched in January 2010 and aims at delivering the NSF to the FLO Board for final decision during its meeting in December 2010. It is expected that the new standards will be used in auditing and certification by FLO-CERT from 2011 onwards.

Unique to Fairtrade

Under the current model, Fairtrade Standards are divided into Generic and Product specific producer standards. This covers Small Producer Organizations, Hired Labor and Contract Production. There are also Generic and Product specific trade standards that lay out the requirements for traders.  

The new framework changes this by creating sets of standards for producers and traders divided into three pillars: Production, Trade, and Business & Development. 

The addition of standards that apply to Business & Development will be unique to Fairtrade since no other label or system has this model built into its standards.

The concept of Business & Development for both producers and traders is to maintain requirements that are unique to Fairtrade: like mandatory social organization, the Fairtrade Minimum Price, Fairtrade Premium and pre-financing. But with the NSF, in addition to these requirement a template is provided with  proposed topics for development activities that producers and traders can chose from according to their own development strategies and needs. The new template sets the framework for how producers and traders can create impact as desired by themselves for themselves.

Call for Expert Advise

Stakeholder input is the key to the development of the NSF. We invite all interested parties to participate in the public consultation phase on the draft framework from June 15th to August 15th, 2010.

Click here to to download the consultation documents. Most importantly, please read the Guide to Consultation first for a general overview of the process and how to be involved. FLO looks forward to engaging with all stakeholders in this consultation.

For more information please contact: Dorothee Jung, Standards Unit at FLO d.jung@fairtrade.net.

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