Fairtrade products for Fukushima tsunami victims

Tsunami victims in Fukushima received
packs of Fairtrade products, including bananas,
pineapples and Natto.

29 July 2011

“Adversity is the foundation of virtue” (Japanese proverb)

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami may have faded from the front pages of newspapers and browsers, but for survivors and citizens in Japan, people like Saguru Matsuki remind the world that the country is still recovering and every little bit helps.

Matsuki, a Fairtrade certified trader and Lutheran pastor, has been using donations to distribute Fairtrade products to earthquake and tsunami victims of South Soma City in Fukushima. The area was heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunamI; most of the seaside buildings swept into the ocean and many citizens are still missing.

Over 1000 packs of Fairtrade Nattō, a traditional soybean breakfast food rich in protein and probiotics and a vital source of nutrition, were sent to South Soma City. Over 4500kg of Fairtrade bananas were also distributed, with 3000kg going to local schools.

Twenty-foot containers of Fairtrade pineapples and Fairtrade orange juice were included in the delivery. Over 1000 Fairtrade soccer balls (a necessity for budding soccer champions following Japan’s victory in the Women’s World Cup) and Fairtrade towels are also on the way.

Matsuki organized the delivery as part of the Fairtrade Wakachiai Project with funding from the Japan Lutheran Emergency Relief.  The Fairtrade products came from around the world, including the Philippines, China and Pakistan.

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