Fairtrade Appeal on the Eve of Cancun Climate Talks

30 November 2010

Climate change is not fair. In fact, developing countries that have contributed the least to this growing problem are the most affected.

Read how climate change is directly affecting Fairtade producers.

As the effects of climate change become more evident, many Fairtrade farmers and workers in the developing world are trying to find coping mechanisms to face these challenges. In addition to what Fairtrade offers to producers (fair price for their products, Fairtrade premium, strong environmental standards, organizational support, etc.), the Fairtrade system is developing a producer support program to help them adapt to the consequences of climate change and mitigate their own environmental impact.

But without a solid climate change agreement among world leaders, farmers and workers in developing countries will increasingly continue to be affected by climate change challenges.

Fairtrade appeals to world leaders to ensure that intentions are translated into action at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16) to be held in Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 10 December, 2010.

We urge world leaders to:

  • look beyond their national interests to achieve tangible goals that address climate change for the common good of mankind;
  • commit to a responsible agreement that protects our environment and does not compromise the sustainable development of future generations;
  • and devote more funds for climate change adaptation in developing countries.

While COP 16 is taking place, Fairtrade producers and representatives from Africa, Asia and Latin America will be in Cancun to take part in the Development and Climate Days Conference. This side event taking aims to support practitioners and researchers from developing countries to share their knowledge and experiences on climate change. Discussions will focus on climate change as a development challenge as well as on adaptation possibilities to climate change.

Fairtrade brings an important perspective to the climate change discussion given its capacity to outreach disadvantaged producers. If climate change discussions do not consider the challenges faced by producers and workers in developing countries, there will be no lasting impact. Fairtrade’s presence at Cancun is a key starting point for building links and a platform within the Fairtrade movement and with other civil society actors to ensure that a strong and effective voice in support of producers facing climate change challenges is created and heard.

To follow the discussion on Fairtrade at Cancun visit  the climate thread on our blog, "Fairtrade on the Road."

To learn more about Fairtrade’s work on climate change, please read our position paper, “Climate Change and Fairtrade: Why Is It Time to Make the Links?” (PDF) and the Fairtrade Foundation’s report, "Egalité, Fraternité, Sustainabilité" (PDF).


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