Fairtrade Announces Three-Year Global Strategy to ‘Unlock the Power of the Many’

14 February 2013

Fairtrade International (FLO) CEO Harriet Lamb announced Fairtrade’s new global three-year strategic framework today at BioFach, the world’s largest organic trade fair in Nuremburg.

“With our 2013-2015 strategy ‘Unlocking the Power of the Many’ we seek to be at the cutting edge of reforming global trade in favour of justice, unlocking the power of disadvantaged farmers and workers and the consumers who support them,” says Lamb.

Fairtrade’s new strategy seeks to intensify work with smallholders and workers and innovate to drive sales in the market, so that thousands more farmers and workers can grow profitable businesses, build thriving communities, and progress toward a living wage.

Click here for full details about ‘Unlocking the Power of the Many’.

The global Fairtrade system, including 22 national Fairtrade labelling initiatives and three continental producer networks, is united behind this common strategic framework.

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