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Next Steps in Implementing Fairtrade’s new Workers Rights Strategy

20 juin 2012

Back in April we announced that Fairtrade had adopted a new workers rights’ strategy. Now we’d like to share more about this strategy and how we will bring this vision into reality.

Fairtrade’s new workers’ rights strategy, approved by the Board of Fairtrade International, includes specific recommendations to support Freedom of Association, living wage, and Premium decision-making and use. You can read about these recommendations in A New Workers Rights Strategy for Fairtrade (PDF). (Versión en Español aquí)

The Fairtrade producer networks in Africa, Asia and Latin America have kicked off their process to develop regional strategies in line with the global workers’ rights strategy. Their contributions will help us to adapt the strategy to fit the local situation in each producer region.

Following the adoption of these regional strategies, Fairtrade International’s Standards unit will revise the Fairtrade Standard on Hired Labour. They will be consulting with a wide range of stakeholders to deliver a revised Standard which integrates the recommendations of our workers’ rights strategy. Fairtrade International will also work to build partnerships and find other ways to meet the hired labour strategy recommendations.

In parallel to these processes, Fairtrade International continues to work closely with labour rights organizations and unions, particularly through the Workers’ Rights Advisory Committee (WRAC) to address emerging issues as well as ongoing work.

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