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FLO in India

30 November 2010

Fairtrade brings people together through trade. Stories from farmers and workers, consumers and traders are shared around the globe. With the advent of social media and other web tools, the world has become even more interconnected and the opportunities for interaction throughout the Fairtrade system have expanded greatly.

Communications Assistant Vicky Pauschert is currently travelling with photographer Didier Gentilhomme to visit farmers and workers in India. Along the way she is posting regular updates on FLO’s new blog, “Fairtrade on the Road”. After her trip, the blog will be used by FLO staff as they travel the world, so keep checking back. You also can subscribe.

In addition to the new blog, FLO recently launched a number of social media channels. Check in to learn about the latest news, information from farmers and producer countries, special campaigns and promotions in our member countries, and other ways you can get involved.

  • Facebook: A bulletin board with current information and links to Fairtrade pages around the world
  • Twitter:  Regular updates on current events, news and other information
  • Youtube: Videos produced by Fairtrade Labelling Initiatives and other partners
  • LinkedIn: A networking site with discussions on Fairtrade and how to get involved
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