Fairtrade releases financial and sales figures

24 November 2011

Sales of Fairtrade products grew strongly in 2010 and wine sales almost tripled. Overall, it was a year of impressive growth for Fairtrade. Shoppers spent more than 4.36 billion Euros on Fairtrade products, up by 27 percent over 2009. Four products saw more than 100 percent growth. Read about all Fairtrade sales and product volumes in the Supplement to our 2010-11 Annual Review.

The supplement also features Fairtrade International's 2010 financial data. Over 40 percent of Fairtrade International’s budget was directed to producers through producer services. This includes a global network of locally-based liaison officers and development of partnerships with organizations to provide additional training and services for producers.

Twenty-one percent of the budget went to market services to help develop new national markets (South Africa, Korea, Czech Republic, Brazil and India); communications support for producer networks and member organizations; develop the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark; international market research; global product management to support LIs and producers; and management of major international licensees. Another 12 percent was directed to standard setting and pricing work.

You can see full sales figures by country and product and all financial data in the Supplement to our 2010-11 Annual Review.

Soon we will release our 2010 Monitoring and Evaluation Report detailing the impact on Fairtrade farmers and workers. You can review our previous Monitoring and Evaluation Report here. 

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