Reporting misuse of the FAIRTRADE Marks

The Fairtrade Marks are internationally recognized and protected trademarks that belong to Fairtrade International. If you believe the FAIRTRADE Marks are being used incorrectly, please advise with the special form below.

Please identify the logo, name or language that may have been used incorrectly

Please indicate when and where the misuse was observed
(Tick all that apply)

If you have contact details of the source of improper use, please let us know

Inappropriate use appears in many forms. How are our names and trademarks being used incorrectly or potentially in a misleading way?
(You may tick more than one)

Your contact information

To enable us to process your report more effectively, please attach evidence of the possible misuse and/or other items that may assist in our investigation

  1. Evidence can be in the form of a photo, web address, hardcopy or scanned copy of material or actual packaging, etc. (Max size 1 MB)

  2. You may also send this form together with the evidence by post:
    Attn: Fairtrade Mark Coordinator
    Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), Bonner Talweg 177, 53129 BONN, Germany

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