Position papers


Position papers give details on Fairtrade International's position on a number of current topics affecting producers and the world in general.


A New Workers Rights Strategy for Fairtrade - June 2012

Fairtrade's new strategy on how to support and empower workers is presented.


Food Miles and Fairtrade - November 2011

This paper explains the Fairtrade perspective that the current 'food miles' concept is an unreliable guide for consumers who want to make an ethical choice when shopping.


Fairtrade's Producer Support Programme - November 2011

This paper presents the Fairtrade producer support programme, which is designed to support producers in climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.


Poverty Reduction and Trade: Fairtrade as a Vehicle to Combat Poverty - May 2011

Spanish version - La Reduccion de la Pobreza y el Comercio

This paper looks at the obstacles faced by producers from developing countries on the international trading market and how the Fairtrade system can support them and help combat poverty through development.


Fairtrade’s Contribution to a More Sustainable World - December 2010

The focus of this paper is on Fairtrade's role in sustainable development.


Child Labour Position Paper - November 2010

This paper explains Fairtrade's position on child labour and how it works to stop and prevent child labour within producer organizations.


Fairtrade Fights Child Labour - June 2010

An overview on how Fairtrade is tackling the root causes of child labour.


Climate Change and Fairtrade: Why Is It Time to Make the Links? - April 2010

Here it is highlighted how Fairtrade can be used as a vehicle to address climate change and the related consequences faced by Fairtrade producers.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide background information on products, new standards, and basic overviews of Fairtrade International's position on timely topics.

New Rules for Fairtrade Flower Bouquets, March 2013

Fairtrade Pricing Model for orange juice English/Portuguese (PDF), September 2012

Fairtrade Herbs and Spices English/Spanish/French (PDF), July 2012

FSC and Fairtrade Pilot Project for Timber (PDF), January 2012

Fairtrade Announces Coffee Standards Revision English/Spanish/French/Portuguese (PDF), March 2011

Fairtrade Announces New Cocoa Prices (PDF), October 2010

Fairtrade Announces Standards for Baobab and Marula Fruits (PDF), July 2010

Fairtrade Sports Balls (PDF), March 2010

Gold (PDF), March 2010

Pineapples (PDF), December 2009

Fairtrade Raises Banana Prices (PDF), October 2009

Vegetables from Africa, Hired Labour (PDF), September 2009

Herbs and Spices (PDF), July 2009

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