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Here you can find a List of all Fairtrade Standards as well as the Prohibited Materials List

Download a list of all Fairtrade standards

This list gives an overview of all current Fairtrade standards. It includes details of when the standard was published, and which languages it is available in.

Download the list of all Fairtrade standards

The product specific Fairtrade standards were revised according to a new product classification system in May 2011. A table of this new classification system can be found here.

Product classification

Geographical scope of Fairtrade

Fairtrade Standards are limited to certain countries. Only producers in these countries can apply for Fairtrade Certification.  

Download the list of countries covered by Fairtrade

Note: In China, producers can only be certified against the Standard for Small Producer Organisations. Contract production and Hired Labour set-ups cannot be certified as Fairtrade in China.

Traders in China can be certified for all Fairtrade products, except for Seed Cotton. In the case of Seed cotton, only operators working under the FSP model, from spinner stage onwards, can be Fairtrade certified or registered in China.

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