Meet the producers

At the heart of the Fairtrade system are the farmers and workers, members of Fairtrade certified producer organizations. Here you'll find inspiring stories of their work and how they seek to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Producer stories and case studies


Planning for a Prosperous Future in Colombia

28 May 2015

For the coffee famers of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Antioquia in Colombia, planning for the future is a rigorous process of understanding community needs and utilizing democratic principles to make wise investments. The...


The unshakeable Ketiara coffee family

08 August 2013

Earthquakes may ruin homes and damage villages, but nothing can shake the sense of family at the Indonesian coffee cooperative Ketiara.


Diversification helps spreads the load for coffee farmers in Peru

03 July 2013

When we talk about Oro Verde – or green gold – at Fairtrade, we usually refer to coffee. But the Oro Verde Cooperative in Peru has branched out beyond their staple coffee crop to bring stability to the entire...


Fero Cooperative: We do things differently here

07 March 2013

Standing at Fero Cooperative’s collection station, a steady stream of people with sacks of red coffee cherries perched on their backs lines up at the scales. A dignified man with tattered clothes carefully weighs the bags as...


Coopervitae’s Pledge to Sustainability

02 November 2012

At Coopervitae, the farmers may lead simple lives but their horizons are wide. They draw on the century-long Brazilian tradition in coffee growing to develop a product that will satisfy the taste of today’s consumer. The joint...


Hop Tac cooperative: Improving coffee, improving community

20 April 2012

It has been a difficult year and a half for coffee cooperatives. Volatile prices, reduced crops due to climate change, and coffee bushes reaching the end of their productive cycle are just some of the challenges they have been...


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