Conozca a los productores

En el corazón del sistema de Fairtrade se encuentran los agricultores y los trabajadores que son miembros de organizaciones de productores certificados por FLO.

Este enfoque al desarrollo sostenible innovador y basado en los principios del mercado ayuda a los productores en los países en vías de desarrollo a obtener un acceso directo a los mercados internacionales, así como a desarrollar la capacidad empresarial necesaria para competir en el mercado mundial.

Producer stories and case studies


Un Compromiso con los Trabajadores y la Comunidad en Colombia

29 mayo 2015

Es una verdad incontestable que con 8 millones de dólares se pueden realizar muchos proyectos. Es fácil gastar rápidamente esa cantidad de dinero pero planificar cuidadosamente para transformar las vidas de cientos de personas es...

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Planificar juntos para construir un futuro más próspero

28 mayo 2015

Las Asambleas de delegados de la Cooperativa de Caficultores de Antioquia son un enjambre de interlocutores entusiasmados y un hervidero de actividad e intercambio. Y no es para menos. Los delegados, elegidos por los...

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The sweet taste of democracy in the Côte d'Ivoire

24 marzo 2015

Its farmers operate in a country that experienced tremendous chaos and unrest during elections four years ago. So it may be no coincidence that a strong, democratic structure and a clear sense of direction have been central to...

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A Voice for Tea Workers in Sri Lanka

05 marzo 2015

Tea is an essential part of the economy in Sri Lanka employing over a million people. Recently, effects of soil erosion, climate change, and the rights of workers have pushed sustainability to the forefront. However at Stassen...

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Harvesting Happiness: Fairtrade changing lives in Kenya

10 diciembre 2014

Happier employees, higher productivity, increased sales. Since becoming Fairtrade certified in 2011, Harvest Limited’s Athi River flower farm is thriving. Certification has helped Harvest increase sales by 30 percent and gave a...

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Top of the Morning to You from Uganda!

10 diciembre 2014

David Lukwata and the coffee farmers of Kibinge in central Uganda are helping many of us get our day off to a good start. Here’s how….

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Plant Doctor Helps Farmers in India Go Further

29 septiembre 2014

By Fairtrade India Each day Sunny Babu rises with the birds: 4am is the best time to really see what’s happening with plants. As the resident plant doctor serving the needs of 1,000 Fairtrade farmers in the Manarcadu Social...

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Sugar Farmers in Paraguay Realize Their Dream

23 mayo 2014

The Manduvira Cooperative in Paraguay has transformed from a group of farmers struggling with unfair prices and unjust trading practices into the world’s leading producer and exporter of organic and Fairtrade certified sugar.

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Pomegranates of the Silk Road turn to Fairtrade

24 octubre 2013

Like most people in his village, Pardaali Holov is a pomegranate farmer. So were his parents and his parents’ parents. The mountainous area around the village of Varganza, Uzbekistan, where he and his family live is famous for...

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The unshakeable Ketiara coffee family

08 agosto 2013

Earthquakes may ruin homes and damage villages, but nothing can shake the sense of family at the Indonesian coffee cooperative Ketiara.

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En Co-op Oro Verde la diversificación les ayuda para hacer frente a los riesgos

04 julio 2013

“Oro verde” es el nombre que eligió hace 14 años con mucho orgullo un grupo de pequeños productores de Perú para su nueva cooperativa. El nombre hace referencia al café verde de primera calidad que producen los socios, junto con...

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Mubuku vanilla farmers ready for the next step

07 mayo 2013

Vanilla is a picky crop. In its native environment in Central America, the plant relies on a symbiotic relationship with a species of bee for pollination before vanilla beans sprout. When grown in other parts of the world, the...

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Fero Cooperative: We do things differently here

07 marzo 2013

Standing at Fero Cooperative’s collection station, a steady stream of people with sacks of red coffee cherries perched on their backs lines up at the scales. A dignified man with tattered clothes carefully weighs the bags as...

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Iriaini tea farmers adding value at the source

07 marzo 2013

Charles Njuguna is one of 6,000 farmers in Othaya, Kenya, and a co-owner of the Iriaini Tea Factory. Every day he works from 7am till 4pm, tossing tea leaves in the basket strapped on his back. Charles is a small-scale holder...

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Coopervitae’s Pledge to Sustainability

02 noviembre 2012

At Coopervitae, the farmers may lead simple lives but their horizons are wide. They draw on the century-long Brazilian tradition in coffee growing to develop a product that will satisfy the taste of today’s consumer. The joint...

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Springfield Farms Makes Great Strides in Sustainability

22 agosto 2012

Springfield Farms is an example of an organization which has placed its values above all else. Its commitment to both people and environment shows in all the farm's activities. More sales of their Fairtrade avocadoes and lychees...

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Business is Buzzing for Apicola Honey Cooperative

30 julio 2012

The beekeepers of Cooperative Pueblo Apicola are spread across Uruguay, but they have one thing in common: they all live in rural areas, and as a result have limited commercial opportunities. Before they formed the co-op, the...

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Banana Producers in Peru Stand Strong in Face of Floods

24 mayo 2012

The banana producers of the Asociación de Bananeros Orgánicos Solidarios (BOS) in Peru are used to hard work. In recent years, they have banded together to make a number of investments to their association, rapidly expanding...

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Hop Tac cooperative: Improving coffee, improving community

20 abril 2012

It has been a difficult year and a half for coffee cooperatives. Volatile prices, reduced crops due to climate change, and coffee bushes reaching the end of their productive cycle are just some of the challenges they have been...

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CONACADO Cooperative - Smart Investments Lead to a Bright Future

31 enero 2012

For Mariano Manzuela, a member of the CONACADO cooperative in the Dominican Republic, Fairtrade means four of his children attend secondary school on scholarships from the Fairtrade Premium. What started as a development project...

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Kavokiva cocoa farmers come together in Côte d'Ivoire

11 enero 2012

In the Gouro language of the Haut Sassandra region in southeast Côte d’Ivoire, Kavokiva means “we come together”. And that is exactly what more than 600 farmers did when they founded the Coopérative Agricole Kavokiva de Daloa in...

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Tea growers build school in Vietnam

11 enero 2012

In 2005, having decided to sell tea to increase their income the villagers of Nam Lanh, in north Vietnam, were able to improve their standard of living. Fairtrade has brought additional benefits that have enabled the villagers to...

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From workers to farmers in South Africa

11 enero 2012

The Heiveld Co-op was founded by 14 small-scale farmers of the Suid Bokkeveld community in 2001. The cooperative now has over 50 members and Fairtrade has helped them establish their independence.

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Life sweeter for beekeepers in Chile

11 enero 2012

In an area of widespread poverty thirty five beekeepers got together in 1994 to sell their honey. In debt to local money lenders they still struggled to make a decent living. Since becoming Fairtrade certified the beekeepers are...

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Banana cableway sets an example in Peru

03 enero 2012

The Association of Small Producers of Saman and Anexos (APPBOSA) has been Fairtrade certified since the end of 2003. They have used the Fairtrade Premium to construct a cableway to transport their bananas from the trees to the...

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