Liaison officers

The Producer Services and Relations unit's work is supported and facilitated by PSR liaison officers, a team of consultants, based in the region. Liaison officers now provide support to producers in more than 50 countries. 

Where do liaison officers work?

Liaison officers support producers in the countries shown on the map below. A red dot indicates where liaison officers are based; in most cases they cover more than one country.

“You’ve only been here for a year – you  should have come four years ago because we were  lost before this.” (Joint Body, Concordia, Sri Lanka) 

The services provided have resulted in farmer and worker organizations that are better prepared to meet certification requirements. As the needs for individual certification support decrease, the focus of PSR shifts toward training to strengthen farmer and worker capacities in priority areas identified in each region.

What do liaison officers do?

Fairtrade’s producer support unit offers direct support to producers through a network of liaison officers. These consultants are specialists in the Fairtrade Standards, certification processes and requirements.

Liaison officers provide advisory services to farmers and workers, and training and information to help them comply with the Fairtrade Standards, strengthen their business capacities, and deepen Fairtrade impact.

Liaison officers also gather product and region information to help PSR and the greater Fairtrade system anticipate demand and the needs of producers.

The role of a liaison officer is to:

  • Provide certification advisory services to producers
  • Provide product and trade related services
  • Provide business and development services
  • Introduce Fairtrade to new producers
  • Liaise with support agencies
  • Represent Fairtrade in local workshops/conferences
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