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Kick-off Seminar for the International Fairtrade Action Network

18 July 2007

Pro Fair Trade Finland initiates the development of an international network of Fairtrade volunteers, the Fairtrade Action Network. The first seminar of the International Fairtrade Action Network will take place in Helsinki,...


New CEO for Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

29 June 2007

Bonn, June 29th 2007. A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is being appointed to head up the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) which is based in Bonn, Germany.  FLO is the umbrella organization that unites...


The producer networks become co-owners of FLO

22 June 2007

May 25th 2007 will be remembered as an historic day for FLO. During the General Assembly, the Producer Networks, CLAC (Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Comercio Justo), AFN (African Fairtrade Network) and NAP (Network...


Fairtrade launch in Estonia

08 May 2007

The Fairtrade Certification Mark was officially launched in Estonia on May 8th. Estonia becomes the first Baltic country to offer Fairtrade Certified Products. Several products such as coffee, tea, sugar, fruits and wine can be...


FLO announces increase in Fairtrade Premium and Organic Differential for Coffee

21 March 2007

Germany, March 20th 2007. At its meeting on 8 March 2007, the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) International Board of Directors ratified the Standards Committee’s recent decision to increase the Fairtrade Premium, and the...


Fairtrade Environmental Standards: focus on development

27 February 2007

Bonn, February 27th, 2007. Many producers have been raising concerns about the current Fairtrade Environmental Standards, whether as part of the Generic Small Farmers' Organizations Standard or the Generic Hired Labour Standard....


50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

24 January 2007

Fair Trade consumers and supporters can be inspired by a new book: “50 reasons to Buy Fair Trade” by Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley, recently published in the United Kingdom. This book provides 50 reasons why buying fair trade...

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