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Assuring Consumer Confidence in Ethical Trade: Report Now Available

03 June 2010

New report on unreliable ethical claims and their impact on consumer confusion


Fairtrade Breakfast Participants Break the Record

31 May 2010

The numbers are in...


Consumers purchase more Fairtrade products than ever before

26 May 2010

Disadvantaged farmers and workers benefit as Fairtrade sales hit €3.4 billion


World’s Biggest Fairtrade Breakfast

06 May 2010

Tens of Thousands Devour Fairtrade Breakfast Banquets to Deliver Better Deal


Fairtrade flower producers hope for renewed sales as flights to Europe resume

21 April 2010

Fairtrade producers of flower and fresh produce breathe a collective sigh of relief as flight restrictions to and from Europe are gradually lifted.  The European ban on flights due to the erupting Icelandic volcano had put a...


Fairtrade flower producers at risk due to European no-fly zone

20 April 2010

Ongoing European flight restrictions are threatening the livelihoods of thousands of workers on Fairtrade flower farms.  With all northern European flight travel on hold, flower producers are not able to export their...


Tackling Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry – What Role Can Fairtrade Play?

25 March 2010

To see FLO's response to a new Panorama program “Chocolate – The Bitter Truth” broadcast on March 24th, click here.  For a general overview of the work we are doing to address child labour, keep reading. As Easter...

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