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FLO and the International Labour Rights Forum (ILRF)

07 junio 2010

FLO commends ILRF for its report on the situation of workers in the sports ball industry

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Fairtrade: Scaling up Workers Rights

04 junio 2010

Many actions on the ground, more needs to be done

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Assuring Consumer Confidence in Ethical Trade: Report Now Available

03 junio 2010

New report on unreliable ethical claims and their impact on consumer confusion

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Fairtrade Breakfast Participants Break the Record

31 mayo 2010

The numbers are in...

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Consumers purchase more Fairtrade products than ever before

26 mayo 2010

Disadvantaged farmers and workers benefit as Fairtrade sales hit €3.4 billion

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World’s Biggest Fairtrade Breakfast

06 mayo 2010

Tens of Thousands Devour Fairtrade Breakfast Banquets to Deliver Better Deal

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Fairtrade flower producers hope for renewed sales as flights to Europe resume

21 abril 2010

Fairtrade producers of flower and fresh produce breathe a collective sigh of relief as flight restrictions to and from Europe are gradually lifted.  The European ban on flights due to the erupting Icelandic volcano had put a...

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