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Spotlight On: Sher Ghazi of Mountain Fruits

05 noviembre 2010

In late July, floodwaters washed over almost the entire country of Pakistan. Throughout Pakistan, numerous lives were lost and thousands were displaced from their homes. Fairtrade certified producers in Gilgit in the Northern...

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Fairtrade and Traceability

03 noviembre 2010

Why physical traceability? Physical traceability means that Fairtrade products must be marked and kept separate from non-Fairtrade products at each stage of production and processing. It reflects FLO’s strategic objective to...

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Fairtrade Addresses Challenges in the Coffee Sector

03 noviembre 2010

Market volatility in the coffee trade has created new challenges for Fairtrade coffee producers. The current high market price of US$2 per pound of coffee* ($2.35 as of 7 January 2011) masks a series of crises affecting coffee...

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FLO, SNV Partnership for Prosperity

02 noviembre 2010

The 4th SNV-FLO Regional Meeting took place in Akosombo, Ghana, 18-22 October, 2010. Representatives from SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) shared...

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Fairtrade's Global Producer Services Team Gathers in Germany

21 octubre 2010

FLO’s Producer Services and Relations team gathered from around the globe last week October 10-16 in Boppard, Germany for a week of intense training, planning and exchange. This was the first time the entire global team met...

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European Parliament hosts Fair Trade breakfast

20 octubre 2010

The European Parliament hosted a Fair Trade breakfast this October 7th in Brussels. Fifty Members of European Parliament (MEPs) joined in for lively speeches and question-and-answer session, as well as a tasty Fair Trade...

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The World's first Green & Fairtrade hotel floor

18 octubre 2010

The world’s first green & Fairtrade hotel floor opened last week at Dorint Hotel Amsterdam Airport. The floor’s forty rooms feature beds made with Fairtrade certified cotton, as well as Fairtrade cotton continental quilts,...

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