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FLO announces increase in Fairtrade Premium and Organic Differential for Coffee

21 March 2007

Germany, March 20th 2007. At its meeting on 8 March 2007, the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) International Board of Directors ratified the Standards Committee’s recent decision to increase the Fairtrade Premium, and the...


Fairtrade Environmental Standards: focus on development

27 February 2007

Bonn, February 27th, 2007. Many producers have been raising concerns about the current Fairtrade Environmental Standards, whether as part of the Generic Small Farmers' Organizations Standard or the Generic Hired Labour Standard....


50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

24 January 2007

Fair Trade consumers and supporters can be inspired by a new book: “50 reasons to Buy Fair Trade” by Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley, recently published in the United Kingdom. This book provides 50 reasons why buying fair trade...


Fairtrade Coffee Price Review: the way forward

23 January 2007

Bonn, 23rd January 2007. Over the last two months, Fairtrade Labelling Organisations (FLO) International has been carrying out a review of Fairtrade Minimum Coffee Prices. The review process was initiated with a proposal...


Environmental standards implementation

22 December 2006

FLO-CERT would like to inform you that the date for full compliance with the Requirements of the Generic Fairtrade Standards for Hired Labour and the Environmental Development section of the Generic Fairtrade Standards for...


Response to The Economist (Good Food, 9/12/06)

15 December 2006

The recent article published by The Economist (Good Food, 9/12/06) manages to both praise and condemn ethical shoppers, whilst fundamentally misrepresenting the supply-and-demand basis on which the international Fairtrade system...


“BUSINESS UNUSUAL” New book discloses the reasons behind the success of Fair Trade

29 November 2006

Brussels, 29th November 2006. In response to the growing interest in Fair Trade, the international Fair Trade movement yesterday launched its first joint book about the reasons behind the ongoing success of this alternative...

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