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FLO International Introduces Regional Fairtrade Minimum Prices for Cotton

19 June 2008

FLO continues to expand the benefits of Fairtrade certification to cotton producing communities


Global Fairtrade sales increase by 47%

22 May 2008

Worldwide consumers spent over 2.3 billion euros on Fairtrade certified products in 2007. This represents a 47% increase on the previous year and means that over 1.5 million producers and workers in 58 developing countries now...


Kenyan Fairtrade Certified Producers working towards ensuring supply

11 February 2008

The current situation of violence which is ravaging Kenya is having a negative effect on the economy of the country and businesses are encountering serious difficulties. FLO International through its Liaison Officers in the...


FLO International Announces Fairtrade Minimum Prices for Rooibos Tea

17 December 2007

FLO International is pleased to announce another milestone in the development of Fairtrade Standards: the introduction of the first Fairtrade Minimum Prices for Rooibos tea, which will be integrated starting January 1st, 2008.The...


FLO International Adjusts Fairtrade Minimum Prices for Arabica Coffee to Cover Costs of Sustainable Production

13 December 2007

Fairtrade continues to address the needs of coffee producing communitiesFairtrade Minimum Prices for Arabica coffee will be adjusted upwards to ensure Small Farmers’ Organisations continue to receive a price which covers the...


Requesting suppliers to meet Fairtrade Standards isn’t against free market competition

29 November 2007

Friday, 23 November 2007 The fact that governments and other public institutions require their coffee suppliers to meet Fairtrade Standards does not undermine free competition. This is the verdict pronounced by the preliminary...


FLO International inaugurates Fairtrade Minimum Pricing for tea

07 November 2007

From February, 1st, 2008, the first Fairtrade Minimum Prices for tea will be integrated into the Fairtrade Standards. Tea is one of Fairtrade’s most diverse products, with grades and types of tea ranging from the fine-grade...

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