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Renovación de los Criterios Fairtrade

12 mayo 2011

El nuevo Marco de los Criterios hace que los Criterios de Comercio Justo Fairtrade sean más fáciles de entender y más adaptables a las diferentes situaciones a las que se enfrentan  los productores en diferentes lugares...

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Global Fairtrade Breakfast will ‘Wake up the World’

11 mayo 2011

Between April 25 and May 29, tens of thousands of people around the world are serving Fairtrade breakfast to their friends, families and co-workers. Organizers report breakfasts in 22 countries so far with still more expected....

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What is Fairtrade Doing about Child Labour?

21 abril 2011

Fairtrade prohibits child labour as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) minimum age and the worst forms of child labour conventions. No person or product certification system can, however, provide a 100%...

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Fairtrade’s Strategy Making a Difference

18 abril 2011

Fairtrade strives for a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. Two years ago, Fairtrade International (FLO) embarked on a plan to...

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Boost for Fairtrade in Brazil

13 abril 2011

A new agreement between Fairtrade International and a fair trade organization in Brazil promises to bring Fairtrade certified products to Brazilian store shelves and boost farmers’ Fairtrade sales.  The concept of fair trade...

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Banana Activists Speak Out

31 marzo 2011

Interviews from EUROBAN

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Fruitful meeting for Fair Trade banana activists

29 marzo 2011

It’s not every day that you can sit at a table with a Honduran banana plantation worker, a British trade unionist and a Czech fair trade activist. For the EUROBAN network*however, this is a regular occurrence. In fact, it’s...

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