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Fairtrade Africa Builds Strength at Continental Forum

20 diciembre 2010

Picturesque Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe played host to more than 100 people representing Fairtrade producers, coordinators and leadership at the first-ever Fairtrade Africa Forum. Attendees discussed Fairtrade’s impact on the...

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Update on Hurricane Damage in Windward Islands

13 diciembre 2010

From 30 to 31 October, Hurricane Tomas struck a number of Caribbean islands, causing major damage to homes and physical infrastructure across the area. The scale of destruction on Saint-Lucia was unprecedented in the country’s...

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Higher Minimum Price for Organic Cocoa Announced

10 diciembre 2010

Price Protection for Thousands of Fairtrade Producers Committed to Organic Farming Thousands of organic cocoa farmers will have stronger protection against price volatility thanks to the higher Fairtrade minimum price announced...

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Latin American Producers Hold Bi-Annual Meeting

07 diciembre 2010

In early November, over 150 participants from Latin America and observers from around the world attended the Bi-annual Assembly of Members of the Latin American Coordinator of Fairtrade Producers (CLAC) in San Pedro Sula,...

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Kenya Brews Up a Good Cup

06 diciembre 2010

Kenya is following up on the success of South Africa to bring locally-produced goods to the Kenyan marketplace. Two years ago, South Africa began selling Fairtrade certified products in their domestic market. Kenya is the next...

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Fairtrade Appeal on the Eve of Cancun Climate Talks

30 noviembre 2010

Climate change is not fair. In fact, developing countries that have contributed the least to this growing problem are the most affected. Read how climate change is directly affecting Fairtade producers. As the effects of...

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Fairtrade Producers Speak about Climate Change

30 noviembre 2010

While world leaders are meeting at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16) to discuss global climate change, the rest of the world is dealing with the impact. Following are a few quotes from Fairtrade...

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