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We are in a momentous time… a dialogue with Rob Cameron

02 febrero 2009

We are in a momentous time; a period of great change. I believe that, on behalf of all our stakeholders, Fairtrade has to engage in the conversation about change and what that change will look like. This is personal perspective...

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Jean Louis Homé elected Chair of FLO Board

29 enero 2009

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) is pleased to welcome Jean Louis Homé as Chair of its Board of Directors.  Jean Louis was elected at the Board’s annual meeting in December 2008, and succeeds Barbara...

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Revisión de los Criterios Genéricos de Comercio Justo Fairtrade para Organizaciones de Pequeños Productores

19 diciembre 2008

Tras una revisión extensiva de los Criterios Genéricos de Comercio Justo Fairtrade para Organizaciones de Pequeños Productores, los criterios revisados entran en vigor el 1 de Enero de 2009. Estos criterios son más claros,...

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FLO Develops Standards for Fairtrade Soybean and Pulses

05 diciembre 2008

Following a long term project to enable Fairtrade standards to be extended to include pulses and soybean, FLO has now approved the Soybean and Pulses Standards for Small Farmer Organizations. This will enable small-scale...

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Starbucks to double purchases of Fairtrade certified coffee becoming world’s largest buyer

28 octubre 2008

Seattle, New Orleans, October 28, 2008 - Starbucks, TransFair USA and Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) today announced a groundbreaking initiative that builds upon their organizations’ shared history of...

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Harmonization of the Fairtrade Premium for Flowers

01 agosto 2008

Following an extensive review of the Fairtrade Standards for Flowers and Plants, a new standard will be published on 31 October 2008. This new standard will harmonize the level of Fairtrade Premium and strengthen the trading...

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Doha: Fairtrade response

31 julio 2008

The Doha round which was launched in 2001, to make world markets fairer for poor countries, collapsed on 29 July 2008. 'The breakdown of the Doha talks is a significant blow for marginalized, smallholder farmers. An important...

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