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Siguientes pasos en la revisión de los Precios Mínimos de Café

23 enero 2007

Bonn, 23 de enero de 2007. Durante los dos últimos meses, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International ha estado realizando una revisión de los Precios Mínimos de Comercio Justo FAIRTRADE para café. El proceso de revisión se...

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Environmental standards implementation

22 diciembre 2006

FLO-CERT would like to inform you that the date for full compliance with the Requirements of the Generic Fairtrade Standards for Hired Labour and the Environmental Development section of the Generic Fairtrade Standards for...

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Response to The Economist (Good Food, 9/12/06)

15 diciembre 2006

The recent article published by The Economist (Good Food, 9/12/06) manages to both praise and condemn ethical shoppers, whilst fundamentally misrepresenting the supply-and-demand basis on which the international Fairtrade system...

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“BUSINESS UNUSUAL” New book discloses the reasons behind the success of Fair Trade

29 noviembre 2006

Brussels, 29th November 2006. In response to the growing interest in Fair Trade, the international Fair Trade movement yesterday launched its first joint book about the reasons behind the ongoing success of this alternative...

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Black Gold, the Documentary

22 noviembre 2006

Watch Black Gold, a new eye-opening documentary directed by Marc and Nick Francis, depicting the harsh reality of the global coffee industry. Follow Tadesse Meskela on his mission to save his 74,000 struggling coffee farmers in...

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Agreement between Irish Fair Trade Network Limited and FLO International eV.

18 octubre 2006

Irish Aid, the Irish Government’s official overseas development assistance programme, has agreed to donate an amount of EUR 3.5 million to FLO International e.V. The project , called Building Trade Capacity: Fairtrade and...

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Worldwide Fairtrade Sales rise by one third in 2005

28 junio 2006

New figures released today reveal that global sales of Fairtrade Certified products have reached € 1.1 billion mark in 2005. This represents an increase of 37% over 2004. All product lines expanded their markets, especially...

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