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Dominican Republic Fairtrade producers rally to support their Haitian neighbours

28 enero 2010

Click here to read an update on the relief effort from FLO's Liaison Officer in Haiti. Although more and more aid is finding its way through, conditions in Haiti are still incredibly difficult. However, even in this time...

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FLO applauds Green & Black's 100% conversion to Fairtrade

28 enero 2010

FLO congratulates Green & Black’s on today’s announcement that the company’s entire range of chocolate bars and beverages across 30 countries will be converted to 100% Fairtrade by the end of 2011. The move will open up many new...

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Update on Fairtrade producers in Haiti

20 enero 2010

FLO would like to extend its sympathy to Haiti and the countless number of people who have been impacted by this appalling natural disaster. The earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale and is the worst earthquake to hit the...

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FLO congratulates Fairtrade Foundation and Nestle UK on Kit Kat announcement

07 diciembre 2009

FLO congratulates Fairtrade Foundation and Nestle UK for this week’s announcement that Kit Kat will be Fairtrade certified in the UK and Ireland.  The first Fairtrade Kit Kat bars will appear on shelves in mid-January...

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The Czech Fair Trade Association joins the Fairtrade family

19 noviembre 2009

The Czech Fair Trade Association (Asociace Pro Fair Trade) is now the first national Fairtrade organization based in Eastern Europe.  The agreement signed between FLO and The Czech Fair Trade Association today in Bonn...

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Fairtrade Fights Banana Price War

27 octubre 2009

Increase in Fairtrade Banana Prices counters Supermarkets Race to the Bottom

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FLO celebrates UK government’s £12 million commitment to Fairtrade as major step toward achieving World Food Day goal of eradicating hunger

15 octubre 2009

“The root cause of hunger is poverty, and poverty is often the result of bad trade conditions,” says Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) CEO Rob Cameron on the eve of the United Nation’s World Food Day on...

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