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June 12 – Day to Eradicate Child Labour Partnership Statement

11 junio 2011

Fairtrade International and Plan International with Plan Canada work together to strengthen protection against harm for children identified in hazardous labour. To mark World Day Against Child Labour and this year’s focus on...

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Growing Concerns in Food Security

09 junio 2011

From speculators toying with commodity prices on international markets, to the startling amount of food wasted in developed countries, to reduced harvests due to climate change, all recent headlines point to food security. The...

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Cadbury Goes Fairtrade in South Africa

07 junio 2011

There are over 500,000 small-scale producers and farm workers in 23 countries throughout Africa supplying international Fairtrade markets. Until 2008, Fairtrade products were only exported to Northern countries, mostly in...

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Fair Trade Towns Celebrates 1000 and Growing

01 junio 2011

On Saturday, 4 June, towns around the world will declare their support for Fair Trade celebrating the 1000th Fair Trade Town. It’s a monumental day for the grassroots campaign that, from small beginnings in a British village,...

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Vibrant Website Puts African Producers at the Forefront

31 mayo 2011

Wondering how many tonnes of cashews are available from the Gbankuliso Cashew Farmers Association in Ghana? Or how the Iriaini Tea Factory in Kenya reduced their dependence on dwindling wood supplies for fuel? Then check out...

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Exploring the Link Between Poverty and Trade

31 mayo 2011

Fairtrade as a Vehicle to Combat Poverty

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Football Fever for Fairtrade Farmers

23 mayo 2011

It wasn’t quite Wembley or Camp Nou, but for one group of Indian cotton producers it was the biggest soccer event of the year – the final of their Fairtrade Football tournament! Cotton farmers from Pratima Organic Grower Group...

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