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Weighing in on New Fairtrade Minimum Prices for Bananas

25 octubre 2013

The most recent review of the Fairtrade Minimum Price for bananas took place over the summer, and the Fairtrade Standards Unit – led by Jose Paredes – set out to make the process more collaborative than ever. One of the biggest...

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A First for Coconut Farmers in Samoa

16 octubre 2013

A new country has been added to the map of Fairtrade farmers and workers. The Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association on the island of Savai’i is a young organisation with a small membership. The farmers have been working for less...

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Harriet Lamb is First Woman to Be Made Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University

15 octubre 2013

Harriet Lamb, chief executive of Fairtrade International, is today made an honorary fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University – the first time the college has given the honour to a woman. Trinity Hall, founded in 1350, said...

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200 Mayors Sign on in Push for Fair Trade

26 septiembre 2013

More than 200 mayors around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, Paris to Seoul, have signed on to the ‘Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Declaration’. This Declaration, unveiled ahead of the UN’s recent Millennium Development Goals...

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Fairtrade Concerned About Workers' Rights in Fiji Sugar Mills

26 septiembre 2013

Edited 4 October, 2013 Since 2011 Fairtrade International has been proud to work with approximately 13,000 Fijian sugar cane farmers and their families, organised in certified groups in Labasa, Lautoka, Rarawai & Penang....

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Fairtrade International Releases Annual Report on “Unlocking the Power”

03 septiembre 2013

Fairtrade International’s 2012-13 annual report, released today, shows strong sales and continued consumer trust, making Fairtrade the label of choice for shoppers around the world.

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Estudio Sobre Relaciones Industriales en Fincas Bananeras de Colombia

29 agosto 2013

Nuevo estudio '¿Qué podemos aprender de la experiencia bananera en Colombia?'

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