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Climate Change is Not Fair: Fairtrade takes action

08 septiembre 2010

According to the Global Humanitarian Forum, approximately 325 million people are affected by climate change every year. Studies indicate that this number is expected to double within 20 years. And the impacts will be worst for...

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Made in the South, Sold in the South: Pick 'n Pay Commits to Fairtrade

31 agosto 2010

FLO congratulates South African supermarket chain, Pick ‘n Pay, on its commitment to stocking Fairtrade products in its stores. This decision announced today means that Pick ‘n Pay will introduce Fairtrade coffee in its stores...

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Fairtrade's Impact by the Numbers

11 agosto 2010

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) has published its latest Monitoring and Evaluation Report with a wealth of information on producers and the benefits of Fairtrade certification. Information in the report is...

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From Field to Market: Banana Experts Set Fairtrade Direction

11 agosto 2010

Eduardo Bluhm, FLO product manager for bananas, smiled thinking back to the two days of meetings. Gathering representatives from all levels of the banana trade was not an easy task, and bringing them together in one room had the...

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Update: Flooding in Pakistan Affects Fairtrade Producers

05 agosto 2010

Though original reports stated that flooding in Pakistan had not affected Fairtrade producers, conditions have worsened for families in the Northern reaches of Pakistan according to recent information from Syed Amjad Ali Shah,...

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Unrest in Kyrgyzstan rattles country, Fairtrade farmers

23 julio 2010

The Bio Farmers Cooperative, a Fairtrade certified cotton producer since 2008, represents more than 1,000 small organic farmers in three districts of the Jalalabat region in southern Kyrgyzstan. Recently, violence and unrest...

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FLO Invites Expertise on how to Broaden, Deepen and Strengthen the Impact of Fairtrade

24 junio 2010

Fairtrade´s Global Strategy strives to bring more farmers, workers and traders into the system and to support partners in scaling up their operations. The strategy seeks to consolidate Fairtrade as an inclusive system where the...

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