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New Fairtrade Climate Standard enables smallholders and rural communities to fight climate change

01 octubre 2015

Businesses looking for innovative ways to take positive climate action by reducing their carbon footprint and compensating their emissions will soon have a new weapon in their fight against climate change, with the publication of...

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Fairtrade International launches search for new leader as CEO moves to head International Alert

10 septiembre 2015

Harriet Lamb, the CEO of Fairtrade International who has held senior positions in Fairtrade for 16 years, has announced she is leaving to take up the role of CEO at International Alert, Europe’s largest peacebuilding...

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Global Change, Local Leadership: New ideas and new markets drive increased benefits for farmers and workers.

03 septiembre 2015

One and half million farmers and workers round the world are benefiting from increased sales of Fairtrade products, according to a new report out today. Latest figures show producers received an estimated €105 million in...

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Llevar la educación a las montañas

26 marzo 2015

Un proyecto de becas se basa en el éxito de la anterior colaboración para brindar nuevas oportunidades a estudiantes en las zonas remotas de Guatemala y ayudar a las cooperativas a mejorar su gestión.

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New ‘Fairtrade Brasil’ connects Brazilian consumers to buy Fairtrade from local farmers

25 marzo 2015

Newest Fairtrade organization to bolster support for South-South trade in Brazil.

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Stand by Sugar Cane Farmers Failed by EU

16 marzo 2015

Reform of the European Union sugar market is putting the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries at risk.

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Making Trade Fairer: Trader Standard Revised

12 marzo 2015

Fairtrade Trader Standard strengthens core requirements and encourages importers, exporters and businesses to move past simple compliance towards greater commitment to sustainable trading practices.

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