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The Producer Services and Relations Unit has produced a number of training manuals for Fairtrade producers. 

These cover the following topics:

  1. What is Fairtrade?
  2. Generic Fairtrade Standards for hired labour
  3. Joint bodies 
  4. Internal Control Systems (ICS) for small-scale producers
  5. Generic Environmental Standards for small-scale producers

Important note on the Fairtrade Training Manuals

Fairtrade International (FLO) published a new standards framework on 12 May, 2011 (Please read the announcement). The training modules below will be revised and all changes will be reflected in future materials. In the interim, the existing training modules below are available for the interested visitor. These modules contain valuable information that continues to be relevant to work with the Fairtrade Standard system. The revised materials will be made available as soon as possible.

1. What is Fairtrade?

This training manual is currently being updated and will be made available again as soon as possible.

2. Generic Fairtrade Standards for hired labour

This training manual is for Fairtrade International liaison officers, support agents working with FLO producer partners and FLO clients.  It was written in May 2007. 

The manual introduces the historic and political context of Fairtrade, explains the standards system and provides detailed comments about the different standard requirements with regard to social and economic development. The environmental chapter will be dealt in a separate document.

Translations of the Fairtrade International Training Manuals into other relevant languages such as Spanish are planned.

Download FLO Training Manual 2.0 Introduction into the Generic Fairtrade Standards for Hired Labour (PDF)

3. Joint Bodies

This is a set of four training manuals for Joint Bodies. 

Joint Bodies are committees of workers and management representatives, set up by companies as specified by the Generic Standards for Hired Labour. These committees are responsible for managing Fairtrade Premium funds on behalf of the work force.

The four training manuals are a practical working tool and reference document for Joint Body members and their supporters. They are based on practical experience in working with the Joint Body approach.

Joint Body principles (FLO training manual 3.0)

This manual deals with topics such as legal body, constitution, rules and regulations, internal audit committee, delegates model

Joint Body processes (FLO training manual 3.1)

This manual introduces planning, monitoring and evaluation, meetings, communication and internal organization.  It has an annex:

Annex 1: Sample Joint Body calendar of activities and events

Joint Body financial management (FLO Training Manual 3.2)

This manual covers key aspects of financial management, such as financial planning, accounting and bookkeeping, financial reporting, financial procedures, financial control and auditing.  It has five annexes.

Joint Body premium project management (FLO training manual 3.3)

This training manual provides guidance on developing projects that benefit the workforce and the community.  It looks at questions such as:

  • How can Fairtrade Premium funds be spent?
  • How can projects be chosen?
  • How to develop a project proposal?
  • How to go about project implementation, and monitoring and evaluation?

4. Internal Control Systems (ICS) for small-scale producers

This training manual is for organizations of small-scale producers that want to the develop and implement an Internal Control Systems (ICS) to meet the related requirement in the environmental part of the generic Fairtrade standard for small-scale producers.

The training guide has been developed in cooperation with an environmental expert. It consists of the following elements:

  1. General Guidance chapter
  2. Master Planner
  3. Master implementation plan with proposal of useful formats and tools.
  4. List of ICS consultants and resources

Download the Training Manual for Small farmers' organizations on Internal Control Systems (ICS)

You can also download the following annexes:

5. Generic Environmental Standards for small-scale producers

This training manual puts the environmental standard into the broader context of Fairtrade objectives, sustainability, markets and consumer demands.

Furthermore, the manual provides an explanatory table which provides additional explanation on each standard requirement and integrates examples of how the intention of the standard requirement is best manifested or fulfilled.

The manual is for management and board members of producer organizations and the support agents and partners they work with towards Fairtrade compliance.

Download the Training Manual on the Generic Environmental Standards for Small Farmers´ Organizations (PDF)

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