• 1.4 Million Farmers & Workers, Significant Benefits

    The fifth edition of Fairtrade's impact and monitoring report highlights benefits and challenges for Fairtrade farmers and workers in 70 countries around the world. And compiles information from various impact reports. 

    Read the full story here or check out our presentations on Slideshare.

  • Living Wage Benchmarks Point the Way Forward

    Pioneering work on a new living wage methodology has resulted in three reports setting benchmarks for rural South Africa, Dominican Republic and Malawi. The new methodology, commissioned by Fairtrade International and others is a major step forward and can be used in rural and urban areas.

    Read the full story here or see the full reports here.

  • New Opportunities for Smallscale Farmers

    The newly introduced Fairtrade Sourcing Programs innovate the Fairtrade model to help cocoa, cotton and sugar farmers sell more on Fairtrade terms.  Cocoa farmers are set to see an initial 14 percent sales boost in 2014. Nine companies, including Mars, major German, Swiss & Japanese retailers and brands, are the first to sign on. 

    Read our press announcement or learn about the new programs here.


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