• Enter the Fairtrade Awards

    Have a favorite Fairtrade company? Which cooperative or estate stands out? Maybe you know someone in the Fairtrade system who goes above and beyond? Here's your chance to help us recognise the outstanding people and organizations in Fairtrade.

    Click here to learn how you can enter or nominate someone.

  • Revised Standard Bolsters Support for Workers

    Grounded in the daily reality of workers on Fairtrade certified plantations across the globe, the new Fairtrade Standard offers greater support for freedom of association, makes concrete steps toward living wages, and provides greater autonomy in decision-making.

    Read 'Revised Fairtrade Standard for Hired Labour bolsters support for workers' and 'Living Wage: Time to Ask for a Raise'.

  • New Opportunities for Smallscale Farmers

    The newly introduced Fairtrade Sourcing Programs innovate the Fairtrade model to help cocoa, cotton and sugar farmers sell more on Fairtrade terms.  Cocoa farmers are set to see an initial 14 percent sales boost in 2014. Nine companies, including Mars, major German, Swiss & Japanese retailers and brands, are the first to sign on. 

    Read our press announcement or learn about the new programs here.

  • Finding a Future in Coffee

    Making coffee attractive for the next generation of coffee farmers is one of the challenges facing the industry. Fairtrade International is working with Fairtrade cooperatives and other partners to inspire the coffee farmers (and professionals) of tomorrow.

    Read Coffee Keeps Young and Innovation in Education: The Fairtrade Learning Curve.


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