The history and meaning of the Fairtrade Trademarks

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the globally recognized symbol of Fairtrade. Products bearing this Mark meet the social, environmental and economic Standards set by Fairtrade. The international FAIRTRADE Mark and its distinctive blue and green roundel were created in 2002 to replace a variety of individual national Marks used before.

The unique FAIRTRADE roundel symbolizes the relationship between consumers and campaigners, companies and traders, farmers and workers in a joint endeavour to improve lives and wellbeing through everyday shopping. The roundel incorporates a blue sky symbolizing optimism, green for growth and a raised arm for empowerment. Together they represent the vision and values of Fairtrade as a modern movement.

In January 2011, the international Fairtrade system introduced the Brand Mark to distinguish the international and national organizations from the FAIRTRADE Mark that appears on products.

Introduction of the FAIRTRADE Program Marks

The new FAIRTRADE Program Mark, introduced in early 2014, provides a new avenue to make a difference for farmers and workers. This Program Mark incorporates the same roundel symbol - identifying it as part of the Fairtrade system - but distinguishes itself from the international FAIRTRADE Mark. For more information on the Program Mark click here.

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