How you know Fairtrade so far: The FAIRTRADE Mark

Fairtrade is loved and recognised around the world, and for good reason. When you buy a product carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark you know your purchase is supporting farmers and workers to get a better deal for their products and to improve their lives. Find out more about Fairtrade here.

The rules for a product to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark go like this:

  • If the FAIRTRADE Mark is on a single-ingredient end-product - like coffee or bananas - it means that product is 100% Fairtrade.
  • If the FAIRTRADE Mark is on a product with multiple ingredients - like ice cream - it means every ingredient that can be sourced Fairtrade, is Fairtrade.
  • For cotton, 100% of the cotton in an item has to be Fairtrade for it to carry the FAIRTRADE Cotton Mark.

So, for example, a cotton t-shirt labelled as Fairtrade must contain only Fairtrade cotton. And when a business wants to label a chocolate bar with the FAIRTRADE Mark, they must source every ingredient they can as Fairtrade - from cocoa and sugar, to vanilla and nuts.

The original FAIRTRADE Mark is the most well-known and recognized symbol of Fairtrade. But we have other members in our family too! See the FAIRTRADE Marks and what they stand for here.

Find out some of the ways producers are benefitting from Fairtrade here. 

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