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For almost 13 years, Fair Trade USA (FTUSA - formerly TransFair USA) was the face of the international Fairtrade system in the USA. Following their decision to resign from Fairtrade International (FLO), we’ve been building a new presence in the United States. Fairtrade America is now ready to serve you.

If you are a US-based licensee or importer/trader, or if your supply chain includes US-based traders, FTUSA’s decision will have important implications for your business.

Now is your chance to use the international FAIRTRADE Mark, the most recognized ethical mark in the world, in the USA.

When a company licenses the FAIRTRADE Mark for use on their products, they are contributing to a holistic approach for farmers and workers to benefit from fairer trade terms including:

  • A global support network of 50 locally-based liaison officers who provide training to farmers and workers in 62 countries;
  • Partnerships with 20+ organizations to offer additional training and services;
  • Programs to provide access to finance, and programs that address the causes of child labor and proactively prevent abuse and exploitation of children;
  • Strong stakeholder involvement in major decisions throughout the international Fairtrade system;
  • And a progressive new workers’ rights strategy that strengthens workers’ position by safeguarding freedom of association and the right to a living wage.

As of June 1, 2012, we will no longer be able to accept FTUSA’s certification for sales into other Fairtrade markets under the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark. To maintain the integrity of the international system, companies need to register with an approved member of the international Fairtrade system.

We urge you to take action to assure that your company continues to:

  • be included among the international Fairtrade system’s registered Fairtrade operators;
  • be able to verify the status of your suppliers through the FLO-CERT system as this information is legally confidential;
  • be registered to sell Fairtrade products to other clients registered in the international Fairtrade system;
  • be assured that payments and Fairtrade Premiums reach producers through FLO-CERT (if de-registered,  FLO-CERT cannot verify the payments or Fairtrade Premiums for transactions outside of the international Fairtrade system).

As a registered company in the international Fairtrade system, you will continue to have access to this data and be a full participant. 

How to stay in the international Fairtrade system

The easiest way to do this is through Fairtrade America, which has been mandated by the International Fairtrade System to operate as an LI for the US until December 2013. 

We recognize that it may take time for businesses to adjust to the new situation, and we will be as flexible as possible while still ensuring the integrity of the Fairtrade Standards on products labelled with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Please note: With the departure of FTUSA from the international system, companies in the USA and their respective supply chains will not be audited as Fairtrade anymore, unless they have signed up with Fairtrade Canada to remain in the international system. For companies that continue to work with FTUSA, this means that FLO-CERT will not be able to track information once products cross into the USA. Any sales through FTUSA must be indicated as non-FLO Fairtrade sales in your reports.

For businesses interested in remaining in the international Fairtrade system or press inquiries, contact for more information.

You can also visit the website of Fairtrade America for additional information on remaining in the international Fairtrade system.

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