The FAIRTRADE Program Marks

If you see the FAIRTRADE Program Mark for cocoa, sugar or cotton, it means that the indicated commodity has been sourced as Fairtrade. This provides more options for consumers to support Fairtrade farmers through everyday shopping and greater sales opportunities for farmers.

The FAIRTRADE Program Marks represent the Fairtrade Sourcing Programs, which honour the way that different companies do business. Some companies source all that they can as Fairtrade. Some companies source all that they can as Fairtrade. Others want to source 10 percent, 30 percent or even all of their overall volumes of an individual ingredient on Fairtrade terms. This new program allows companies to commit to Fairtrade and source large volumes of individual Fairtrade ingredients.

With the introduction of the FAIRTRADE Program Marks, Fairtrade is innovating in our system to secure greater sales volumes for Fairtrade producers and provide more options for companies and consumers. The FAIRTRADE Program Mark began appearing on products in select markets in early 2014.

Click on the image below for more information on the Fairtrade Sourcing Programs or read more information here.

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