Fairtrade Awards 2016

Fairtrade Award winners and presenters 2015. Photo: Fairtrade International.
Fairtrade Africa's Nyagoy Nyong’o speaking at German Fairtrade Awards 2014. Photo: TransFair e.V./Selina Pfrüner.

Nominate yourself or someone else for our second Fairtrade Awards.

We are delighted to announce the 2016 Fairtrade Awards. Once again we acknowledge and celebrate producers, workers and staff who go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results in Fairtrade. The award ceremony will take place in Berlin on 3 March 2016 in partnership with Fairtrade Germany.

There are four main categories:

  • Small Producer Organization of the Year – one each from Asia, Africa & Middle East and Latin America & Caribbean. This prize acknowledges producers and workers who have excelled in production, sustaining markets, meeting consumer demands, and enhancing livelihoods.

  • Premium Committee of the Year – one each from Asia, Africa & Middle East and Latin America & Caribbean. This category celebrates premium committees and acknowledges innovative decisions on premium use that have fostered their communities' social, environmental or organizational development.

  • Global Trader Award: This category recognizes outstanding achievements from traders, especially those who have made the most progress on the new trader standard, recognising the needs of small producers.

  • Biggest Fairtrade Fan: This prize acknowledges special efforts in attaining the Fairtrade vision by individuals within the global Fairtrade system, including staff, board members or consultants from Producer Networks, Fairtrade International, FLOCERT, National Fairtrade Organizations, Fairtrade Marketing Organisations or campaigners.

Judging will be undertaken by an independent panel. If you have further questions, please contact w.yegon@fairtrade.net.

Applications must be sent by 16 October 2015. Please download the application forms and instructions here:

Small Producer Organization of the Year

Premium Committee of the Year

Global Trader Award

Biggest Fairtrade Fan

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