The strategic Fairtrade funding programme

For Fairtrade and many significant players in international development, the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) provide a focus for our efforts. We work with several organizations to enhance our contribution toward achieving the MDGs and addressing the world’s most pressing development challenges.

Fairtrade International’s commitment to the MDGs is expressed through the strategic Fairtrade funding programme. Phase I concluded successfully in 2009. The programme attracts coordinated funding for Fairtrade, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of development assistance. During this phase, we worked with five strategic funding partners (see below) to enhance Fairtrade’s development impact. Phase II of the programme runs from 2010-2013 and embodies our core strategic objectives: strengthening the global Fairtrade system; broadening the scope; and deepening the impact.

  • DFID - UK Department for International Development
  • ICCO - Inter-Church Organization for Development Cooperation, Netherlands
  • Irish Aid
  • NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • SECO - Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
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