The Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme (SFFP)

For Fairtrade and many significant players in international development, the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), have provided a focus for our efforts. We worked with several organizations to enhance our contribution toward achieving the MDGs and addressing the world’s most pressing development challenges.

Fairtrade International’s commitment to the MDGs is also expressed through the Strategic Fairtrade Funding Programme. The SFFP covered Fairtrade’s major objectives from 2008 to 2013:

- To strengthen the global Fairtrade system with regards to maximising direct impact and leveraging wide changes,

- To broaden the scope of Fairtrade with regards of producers, products and countries covered, and

- To deepen the impact of Fairtrade with regards to increasing the value for producers from participating in Fairtrade.

The first phase of this programme concluded successfully in 2009. The second phase ended in 2013. We are currently evaluating the 5-year funding programme to extract lessons learned and measure success to date.

Members of the Donor Consortium are:

  • DFID - UK Department for International Development
  • ICCO - Inter-Church Organization for Development Cooperation, Netherlands
  • Irish Aid - Irish Government’s programme for overseas development.
  • NORAD - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
  • SECO - Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Fairtrade International thanks each organisation for their vital support and guidance.

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